King & Associates, Inc. is a private, close held corporation established in 1987. Thomas King, Jr. is a principle in the company and holds the position of both the President and CEO. The position of Director of Corporate Operations is held by Thomas King, III. In addition to operating as King & Associates, Inc., the company also operates under three DBA’s: Society for Behavioral Studies, Lab Tech and Crown Screening.

King and Associates, Inc. has been involved with Drug-Free Workplace Program initiatives since 1989 with the advent of federal laws that mandated substance abuse testing for the Department of Transportation. We provide substance abuse testing services which include nationwide drug screen specimen collection services, contracts with approved testing labs, and Medical Review services. King & Associates, Inc. has oversight for scheduling on-site drug screen collections for retail operations, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants locally and nationally for midsized employers and large employers with 8,000 or more employees and approximately 800-1000 locations. These employers include Fortune 500 companies and operations ranging from retail to utilities, from private sector service to government agencies. These on-site collection program responsibilities include disposition of proper custody and control forms, training collectors, scheduling of stores/operation nationwide for testing, tracking the scheduling and completion of work, determining manpower to provide the services, shipping specimens for testing, receiving, as well as reviewing and reporting results in a timely manner. With the advent of rapid testing products in the substances of abuse testing arena in recent years, King & Associates, Inc. received manufactured approved laboratory provided training on the use of these devices, including proper collection procedures and results interpretation.

Crown Screening was designed to give King & Associates, Inc.’s family of clients a unique advantage. Our software technology allows our clients to receive constant updates on their substance abuse testing results through the use of graphs, charts and a break-down of their positively rates by specific drug and by job location. This technology allows us to automatically deliver test results back to our clients by way of e-mail, web reporting or secure fax. Crown Screening’s program management provides your organization with a consistently forward looking information edge.

Society for Behavioral Studies, doing business since 1987, develops professional training seminars for local, county, state and federal law enforcement personnel and Department of Corrections personnel and related county and state agencies dealing with child welfare and human resources. Society for Behavioral Studies creates programs around relevant topics, contracts with nationally recognized preeminent speakers on the determined topics, submits materials to obtain CEU or professional training hour credits for training participants, books meeting space and participant accommodations, arranges for all necessary audio-visual equipment, markets the program, carries out all pre-registration, workshop registration and workshop administrative duties associated with the 1 to 3 day training programs, and issues certificates of completion for satisfactory participation.
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